Environmental approach

Our environmental approach develops from the company principles and applies to all locations of the Hirschmann Company Group. It describes our strategic objectives concerning environmental management. This contains also the field of Health and safety and of energy management.



We create, develop and support the awareness to sustain our environment with all employees. In addition are raised on the one hand regularly the training need of the employees and, on the other hand, suitable trainings are carried out.


Legal Requirements

The compliance with all regulations relevant for environment, health and safety is compulsory for us. We systematically identify these regulations and we set appropriate measures which we bring into an effective use within the required time.


Resources and Technology

Through careful handling of material, energy, water, and waste we conserve the resources. To reach this we use modern technology. We take sustainable care starting with design and engineering of our products, processes and services, as well in the choice of our production procedures for our sample- and serial production. We take our duty to inform and the responsibility in customer services over the complete product life cycle (design, use and disposal).



Environmental protection is strengthened by dialog. We get into conversation with all employees within the company, with customers, suppliers, authorities, and the interested public and thereby gain additional ideas for the continuous improvement process. The co-contractors working on our premises are obliged to apply to our environmental standards.


Measure and Control

With our integrated management system we will improve the environmental targets continuously by using defined procedures. The effects of our locations on the environment will be constantly updated, documented, evaluated and derivated measures will be progressed efficient and effective.




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