High-voltage Applications

Highest quality standards and innovative development solutions

Trends such as vehicle electrification and other alternative drive technologies place new demands on high-voltage applications. Not only the technical excellence of the components, but also an inexpensive and flexible processing technology plays an important role. In cooperation with renowned OEMs, Hirschmann Automotive has developed two future-oriented systems – the HIRSCHMANN PowerStar high-voltage connectors and the HPS Distributor distribution system.




In cooperation with well-known OEM, Hirschmann Automotive developed a future-oriented system – the HIRSCHMANN PowerStar high-voltage connectors. Highest quality standards as well as innovative development solutions under consideration of global …

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HPS Distributor

The electrification of vehicles requires, among other things, the highest possible efficiency of cable connectors in high-voltage vehicle electrical systems. As an example, with our distributor systems, the distribution of power …

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HIRSCHMANN PowerStar In-Line Connector

The shielded and sealed HIRSCHMANN PowerStar In-Line connection system offers an optimal separating point and enables top installation conditions thanks to its compact design. The product series complies with …

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HIRSCHMANN PowerStar 40 4+2 Way

The shielded and sealed HIRSCHMANN PowerStar 40 4+2 Way connection system is designed for all high-voltage on-board chargers available on the market that are used in electric vehicles. Convincing not only because of its optimized design and low weight, it is difficult to top as regards operating flexibility. As the smallest connection system …

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