Automotive Connector Housings

Our connector families for the 0.63 mm, 1.2 mm and 2.8 mm AK interface guarantee a robust and compact design, water tightness as well as resistance to vibration. The flexibly designed connector housing resists high thermal and dynamic loads with maximum performance. It is thanks to these properties that the high requirements on automotive plug connectors for sensors and actuators can also be ensured in the engine compartment. User-friendly and reliable plugging, validation according to USCAR-2, insertion and holding forces in compliance with LV 214, are just some of the advantages.





Water-tight plug connectors for the future of the automotive industry

The SealStar family designed by Hirschmann Automotive is a compact, robust and water-tight plug connector system with excellent performance characteristics. It was developed in close collaboration with renowned OEMs and their system manufacturers. Besides the water-tightness according to LV-214, these automotive plug connectors impress customers with their high temperature and vibration resistance, above all else. Other advantages include the validation according to USCAR-2 as well as different-coloured and mechanical coding and user-friendly plugging.

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Automotive specialists for the very highest vibration and temperature requirements

The SealStar HMK family is a patented high-performance engine contact system with vibration resistance up to 80 G / 2000 Hz and operating temperatures between minus 40 and plus 150 degree Celsius. The Sealstar HMK is used in the engine compartment since this is where the vibration and temperature requirements on housings are the highest. Thanks to the patented insertion process, the effort in manual assemblage is small, while the normal contact force is reliable and high. The product is available in various pole numbers and codes.

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EasyConn 2.8 mm

Very compact design, with individually usable contact system

The patented automotive connector housing EasyConn is characterised by its compact design, secure latching function and its different-colour and mechanical coding. The housing family is compact and available in 2- to 14-pole versions. Even high thermal loads are no problem for the EasyConn. Various contact systems can be used (MCP 2.8 mm, CTS 2.8 mm, MAK 2.8 mm).

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